ASUS Z77 and H77 boards get an addon card for Thunderbolt

/ 6 years ago

ASUS has plans to give several of its Z77 and H77 chipsets-based motherboards support for Thunderbolt I/O by means of an optional add-on card. Several of currently-launched ASUS 7-series chipset motherboards feature a header marked “TB_HEADER”, which lets the motherboard interface with the Thunderbolt I/O add-on card.

This header most likely transmits the motherboard’s DisplayPort link (from the Flexible Display Interface) to the Thunderbolt I/O card.

The card itself is likely based on Intel’s 2-channel “Cactus Ridge” Thunderbolt controller, and connects to the system bus over PCI-Express 2.0 x4. ASUS motherboards supporting the optional Thunderbolt add-on card with the TB_HEADER include Maximus V Gene, P8Z77-V Deluxe, P8Z77-V Pro, P8Z77-V, Sabertooth Z77, P8H77-V, and P8H77-M Pro. The Thunderbolt I/O card should be available starting April 27.

Source: VR-Zone


One Response to “ASUS Z77 and H77 boards get an addon card for Thunderbolt”
  1. I do hope this means that an Apple Thunderbolt Display will function on a Z77 board.

    Countdown till available drivers for Windows and Hackintosh.

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