ASUSTOR Announces Official Launch of ADM 3.0

ASUSTOR announced the official launch of ADM 3.0, the companies latest firmware and UI version for their NAS devices. ADM 3.0 brings a lot of improvements and also some fixes, as it is the case with all new software versions.

“Since the launch of the ADM 3.0 Beta, we have consistently been receiving great feedback for its intuitive and easy to use interface,” said Leon Huang, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “The invaluable feedback that we have received during beta testing has allowed us to successfully launch this official version. We encourage all ASUSTOR NAS users to upgrade to the new official ADM 3.0 in order to enjoy all of the latest features from ASUSTOR.”

ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) 3.0

ADM 3.0 has been in beta for a while, and the first units which feature ADM 3.0 natively are on the market too. But now, everyone with an ASUSTOR NAS can benefit from this upgrade. I just upgraded my own NAS, and it went as smooth as any previous update.

ADM 3.0 enhances the ASUSTOR NAS experience with a freshly redesigned interface that creates an intuitive tablet-like usage experience while also integrating Internet Passthrough functionality. The operating system and user interface has always been designed to look and operate like mobile systems, and that feel is better than ever with the latest version.

New User Interface Options

ADM now supports different screen resolutions better, where users can choose between three desktop icon layout configurations (5×3, 6×3, 7×4). Grouping of apps is also part of ADM 3.0. There is a desktop icon list and also support for the creation of desktop snapshots along with a restore function.

The desktop background themes are customisable, and users can change them according to preferences. Users can also upload their own images to use those as the desktop background. The interface font and window button colours can now also be customised.

Media Support in File Explorer

Another new feature in ADM 3.0 is the ability to browse photos and play music straight from the File Explorer app. The play-music function isn’t just limited to a single song either; it will work with multiple ones too.

Customisable Desktop Widgets

The desktop widgets to monitor the system in real–time can now also be customised by the system administrators. Among the available widgets are functions for the Storage Manager, Activity Monitor, online users, and important logs.

Seagate IronWolf Health Management

As you might have read in our news the other day, ASUSTOR now also supports Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management functions. The IHM functions don’t just report trouble once the problem has arrived, such as SMART does. IHM actually helps with the prevention of trouble by predicting it and warning you in advance.

What’s New? (since ADM 2.7.3.RI21)

  1. Flexibly designed desktop
  2. Desktop icon grouping, desktop shortcuts
  3. System announcements
  4. Widgets for efficient real-time monitoring
  5. ADM online help assistant
  6. Support Internet Passthrough function
  7. Preinstalled Apps for Home and Business Use
  8. Refreshed Login Page Design
  9. Seagate IronWolf Health Management feature added
  10. Added music, and photo player in File Explorer
  11. Added support quota can be set to less than 1GB
  12. Support quota size less than 1GB
  13. Unable to update firmware to a previous version
  14. Rollback firmware is not supported
  15. Added support for ASUSTOR expansion box -AS6004U
  16. Smart indication for App and ADM updated
  17. Support SNMP UPS

Change Log

  1. Upgrade Apache HTTP Server from 2.2.31 to 2.4.25
  2. Update Nginx for fixing security vulnerability CVE-2017-7529
  3. Fixed CVE-2017-7494 Samba vulnerability
  4. Fixed Linux kernel (CVE-2017-7308) security vulnerability
  5. Issue fixed “Storage Manager Menu, RAID migration issue”
  6. Fixed issue “error displaying Disk Usage info of Activity Monitor”
  7. Issue fixed “after upgrading from ADM 2.7 to ADM 3.0, External Backup mission disappeared”
  8. Fixed issue “Fan speed of AS6302T/AS6404T abnormally high”
  9. Improve the file check when importing the key/cert certificate file
  10. Fix issue “incorrect IP for File share link when link aggregation is configured
  11. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
Bohs Hansen

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