AUDI Show Off Self Driving Car With Thanks to Tegra K1 From Nvidia

/ 3 years ago


At the Nvidia GTC 2014 event in San Jose, Audi have teamed up with Nvidia to show their self-driving car through use of the Tegra K1 which helps with the form factor of the device.


They are marketing it as a self-piloted car and as it drove on stage, everyone was looking for a driver, but he was no where to be found, as seen from the picture below.


We got to see the start of self-driving cars and how much space and mechanics were needed.

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They then showed what it has become today with thanks to the Tegra K1.


You can see where the device slots into the rear of the car, discreetly.

If I can find a way to work from the rear of the car while it drives me around to business meetings, I may have to switch from BMW to Audi.

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    “I may have to switch from BMW to Audi”. It would be a good start.

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