Austria’s _mats_ made HWBot World Record with i7 3770K

/ 5 years ago

Austria’s _mats_ has broken the PCMark 2005 world record not just for the i7 3770k, but also for Global 4x CPU Ranking.

With PCMark 2005 Score of 63665 and an insane clock speed of 6,404.4 MHz , Austria’s overclocking team was able to take back their PCMark 2005 world record that was taken from them by United State’s MikeCDM with the score of 62759.

The system config that was used was:  Core i7 3770K clocked @ 6,404.4 MHz with Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste, 4GB Dominator GTX2 @ 1050MHz 7-7-7-24 @1T with Maximus V Extreme, Asus Radeon 7970 Direct CUII, 4x Angelbird Crest Master 240GB on RAID0 on LSI MegaRaid 9271-8i, 2x Angelbird Crest Master 480GB RAID0 via Native Intel Z77 controller and Enermax Revolution85+ 1250W Power Supply.

Finding the right CPU to get that result wasn’t very easy as the team went through a rigorous process of binning over 50 i7 chips to find “the golden egg” to make that impressive PCMark 2005 Record. Hardwork paid off!

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