AVADirect unleash the dual CPU and Quad GPU monster

/ 6 years ago

It’s not everyday that a company offers a pre-built dual CPU computer for the consumer market. It is also not a common occurrence for a pre-built system to pack a quad-GPU configuration or thumping 192GB of RAM. As of today AVADirect are offering such a system, thanks to the use of EVGA’s new SR-X LGA 2011 dual socket motherboard.

The specifications make for impressive but “eye-wateringly” expensive reading. On the CPU side enthusiasts (or professionals) can take advantage of a pair of Intel’s latest LGA 2011 based Xeon processors with up to 8 cores and 16 threads but costing thousands of dollars per CPU you’re really going to need deep pockets.

4 Way GPU configurations are supported, meaning you can go for an ultrakill quadfire HD 7970 or 4 way SLI GTX 680 config – a.k.a a gamer with more money than sense. Or if you’re interested in more professional uses, you can equip some of AMD and Nvidia’s super expensive FirePro or Quadro cards. Nvidia’s flagship Quadro FX-5800 costs up to $9200.

AVADirect state that 192GB of ECC certified memory is supported and that is thanks to the fact they can get you some of the latest 16GB modules. It costs a mind-boggling $2000 to upgrade from the standard 4X4 GB RAM configuration to a 12X 16GB configuration, even with the current state of DRAM prices.

With the all the main specs aside, the systems will also pack the latest USB 3.0, SATA III, SAS III and PCI Express 3.0 connectivity.

Everything is completely customisable from the ground up, as long as compatibility isn’t an issue, so if you’re in the market for a gaming/workstation beast then look no further. And for those who just want to see what’s the most expensive PC they can build then the system configuration page can be played with here.


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