Battlefield 3 Is Free On PC Until June 3rd – YES. FREE.

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As of yesterday Electronic Arts (EA) made the blockbuster title Battlefield 3 available for free on their Origin store. The October 2011 title has pretty much run its commercial course and has been replaced by Battlefield 4 which came out in October 2013. EA is making Battlefield 3 available for free under its “On The House” program where EA gives away games it publishes for free for short periods of time. The program is probably an attempt to increase usage of the Origin distribution platform, but you have to use Origin if you buy these games anyway so the deal is still a pretty sweet one.

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You can download Battlefield 3 for free right here. Remember the deal runs only until June 3rd so be sure to share the news with your friends and family so they don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great game for a great price! Everything’s better when it’s free right?

Source: Origin

Image courtesy of EA

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