Battlefield 3 shows off PS3 Co-Op mode at Gamescom 2011

/ 7 years ago

Gamescom 2011– At the EA press conference, a day before the start of Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany, we received a first hand look at the Co-Op mode available on the PS3 for Battlefield 3 with a full demonstration from the men behind the game at EA.

The video shows the ability to work together, combined with the fantastic communication features tahat are already available allow the user or users in this case, to assist each other where needed.

The demonstration video also shows the effort that has been put into Battlefield 3 in terms of stunning graphics and overall gameplay, which added with the new co-op feature sees this game getting more exciting by the minute.


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One Response to “Battlefield 3 shows off PS3 Co-Op mode at Gamescom 2011”
  1. Grim_Reaper says:

    Lol. Thanks for video. I notice once again, that BF3 is nothing more than extended MOH2010. Everything is so similar to MOH. P.S.: These lads underestimate mouse and keyboard very much.

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