Beam Me Up: Star Trek Communicators Are Now A Thing!

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So most people have seen Star Trek, in one form or another the series has helped shaped everything from television to science fiction as a whole. With alien species planning to take over the universe and rogue admirals breaking laws and rules left right and centre the show has helped captivate so many minds and created so many memories. Now you can start living that dream of being a member of the Enterprise with a Star Trek Communicator of your own.

The Wand company are dedicated to making functional copies of props from your favourite shows, and in this case they have really gone beyond the atmosphere with a Star Trek communicator shaped like those found in the original series. Based on 3D scans taken from an original prop, the device is made up of aluminium and die-cast metal with a textured ABS giving it that finished science fiction look.

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Priced at roughly £100 the device is not a cheap one, but for those who are interested the device is Bluetooth enabled. This means you can pair it up with your phone or PC and have your calls taken on a star trek communicator, or even play your music through its speakers.

Being a Star Trek fan this is a great step forward, now they just need to create the comm badges from the Next Generation and my dreams will be complete!

Thank you NyDailyNews for the information.

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