Beats by Dre Headphones Only Cost $14 to Manufacture

/ 2 years ago


Apple-owned Beats Electronics, founded in 2006 by hip-hop producer Dr. Dre and record label owner Jimmy Iovine, is worth over $3.2 billion, and A new report reveals concern regarding its profit margins.

The big concern revolves around the price of a pair of Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre headphones, a product that costs upwards of $450, which actually costs approximately $14 to manufacture.

The quality of Beats headphones has been in question since before this revelation, with TIME Magazine naming the brand as the second-worst headphone manufacturer in the marketplace last month.

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Despite the questionable sound and build quality, Beats by Dre dominates the headphone industry, boasting a 27% market share and profits of £1.8 billion last year.

Source: All HipHop

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  • Thats what i call a successful business man xD
    A money minded one.

  • Mike Laste

    Funny how Dre has always been a role model for youth while spouting about how he appreciates them… Yea okay, suck my dick.

  • Luciano
  • Evan Warnock

    just goes to show to power of hype i guess

  • p3g4susuout

    typical greedy company charging shed loads for a crap product and we as consumers letting them get away with it…. the only way we win is by not buying stuff for a few days and watch all companies panic cos they losing money like water down a drain.. time we show them its us in charge and they there to service us with goods and product that are good and worth the money

  • Ire Jay

    Exactly why Audio engineers don’t use those pieces of craps! They don’t even use them in the studio. They know its crap.

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