Behind The Scenes of Star Citizen – Planet Creation

/ 3 years ago


Star Citizen is already shaping up to be one of the biggest and most bad ass games of our generation. This game is going to be freaking huge, not only in terms of the amount of players eager to get their hands on it, but also due to the sheer scale of the games galactic settings.

The developers at Cloud Imperium games have released this new video which takes us behind the scenes, showing us how the art and assets are put together to create the planet side locations you’ll find dotted around the SC universe.

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The graphics on this game already look immense and since the developers have said they want to give PC gamers something that really shows what PC can do, even going as far as saying there is no way consoles could run this kind of game, we should be in for a real treat.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Thank you IncGamers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of IncGamers.

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