BenQ Announced RL2755HM 27-inch Monitor for Console Gaming

/ 3 years ago


The next preview we’re getting from BenQ and their CES 2015 lineup is the 27-inch RL2755HM monitor. It is built with feedback from the professional gaming community and specifically engineered for FPS games such as Halo and Call of Duty, but also popular fighting games like Mortal Kombat.

It has an ultra-low input lag that renders action without ghosting or latency from mouse motions. It has a 1ms grey to grey response time but no word on resolution yet. The 24-inch predecessor only had 108op and it is likely that this one is the same as it is geared towards console gamers. The contrast is said to be 12 million to 1.

The RL2755HM has LED backlighting for that extra ambient feeling, built-in 2-watt stereo speakers, and dual HDMI ports “to provide full HD connectivity with gaming consoles.” But it also enables live streaming of gaming content without any risk of lag or delay via the monitors HDMI-out port. A cool feature for sure. Since console gamers don’t get any more than 60 fps anyway, the RL2755HM features a 60Hz refresh rate “tuned to match any console video output for seamless connectivity.”

I really don’t know if this monitor will be a hit with console gamers or not, if they’re passionate enough about their gaming to invest in a gaming monitor for the console they’ve already hooked up to their TV. But if they should be, then the BenQ RL2755HM seems like a great option.

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Thanks to BenQ for providing us with his information

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One Response to “BenQ Announced RL2755HM 27-inch Monitor for Console Gaming”
  1. Alex Ford says:

    I’ve had this monitor for several months now. I didn’t even know it was deliberately designed to make console gaming easier, but discovered this when I started getting into streaming. I have my Xbox hooked to one HDMI port and my PC to the other. I have my capture device hooked between the xbox and my monitor rather than to the monitor’s HDMI out because when I switch my input to my PC I want to see my Xbox screen in my stream software, not a mirror of my PC output. My capture device has great passthrough and I don’t experience any input lag with it there so it seems fine.

    It may not be a fancy new super HD display, but 1080p is good enough for me and games play very smoothly on it. I love the ability to toggle between the two inputs, saving me from having a second monitor on my desk or manually swapping cables every few minutes. I almost never use the built-in speakers, but occasionally I will just want to surf the web or something and they come in handy. Usually I’ve got a pair of surround sound headphones on.

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