Berkeley Research Found A Way To Replace Passwords With ‘Passthoughts’

/ 5 years ago

Researchers at UC Berkeley have found a way to replace passwords which typically uses a combination of mixed- cases and numbers with passthoughts. In short, you’re thought process or “will” can be used as an authentication method.

The method involves using a biometric identifier to scan your brain activity and use it as an authentication method, similar to using DNA or blood vessels as they’re unique. Since brainwaves are also unique and can be used to identify an individual, it can used to log into a computer or to prove your identity.

The Berkeley researchers were able to do this by using a $100 worth electroencephalogram made a company called Neurosky. The device looks like a Bluetooth headset but comes with an electrode that rests on your forehead. This devices transmit the brain pattern from the brain’s left frontal lobe to a nearby system assigned to collect this data.

The best part is that according to their research, there was only 1% error rates and its easily comparable to clinical EEGs which typically uses 32 to 256 electrodes over the head. As one could imagine these will obvious cost a lot more than $100. So on the bright side, the only cost involved is the initial investment $100, but accuracy of the collection of the brainwave equivalent as clinical devices and good enough to use it for authentication purposes.

There are certain issues that come with the biometric authentication method. The EEG device that costs $100 is bulky as one won’t really imagine to be seen wearing this in public. There would be a device which has electrodes with skin colour. Once the accuracy is improved, not only these EGG units can be used for smartphones with Bluetooth headsets, but also for corporate systems as the only part involves is simply wearing the device.

Source: Extreme Tech


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