Bikini Girl Gets Tasered For Charity

/ 3 years ago

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In what has to be one of the strangest stunts I’ve seen in a while, a young woman in a bikini gets hit by a taser gun to raise money for a charity… no seriously. She raised money by selling tickets to allow a group of guys to watch her take what must have been an incredibly painful hit from a taser gun, one of the prongs of the cable fed taser gun even stuck into her butt cheek, ouch!

Each person watching had donated $100 to get to watch her take a hit off of the weapon, and personally I can’t say I’d ever care to try being shot with one, not even for charity. Question is, would you take a shot from a taser for charity or would you pay $100 to watch someone get hit by one? Personally I think I would just opt to give this one a miss, because one is likely very dangerous and painful, the other is just plain creepy.

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Image courtesy of YouTube.


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  • Anal

    didn’t last long enough in my opinion, make her shit herself and it would be cool

    • Conor

      you have a problem haha


    Poor thing but was hoping to see her flop around. I’d want my money back.