Binary Domain gets PC Release date

/ 5 years ago

Sega has dated the PC release of squad-based shooter Binary Domain.

The shooter, which was developed by the Yakuza studio headed up by Toshihiro Nagoshi, will be available digitally on April 27, and at retail on May 18.


Binary Domain takes place in a futuristic Tokyo at a time when robots have integrated into the world of man to the extent that many are unaware they’re more machine than man.

PC players are also being given the opportunity to score some extra goodies by pre-ordering the digital or boxed releases.

“The ‘Dan Marshall Pack’ focuses on Binary Domain’s playable protagonist of the same name, and features additional bionic upgrades and weaponry. The ‘Multiplayer Pack’ adds the ‘Ninja’ playable class, a unique character type with a focus on surprise attacks and adaptive combat. The new ‘Outside High-rise, Upper City’ map and additional weapon types round out Binary Domain’s already-comprehensive multiplayer experience.”

Source: CVG

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