Biostar Enables H87/H81/B85 Overclocking With BIOS Update

/ 4 years ago


We have now seen ASRock and ECS both announce H87/B85 overclocking with their new BIOS updates. They are now joined by Biostar who have also released a wave of BIOS updates for their motherboards to allow for non-Z series K overclocking. Intel’s H87 and B85 chipsets are not typically supportive of overclocking, even with unlocked K-series CPUs. With the support of overclocking of K-series CPUs on these non-Z chipsets Intel is now able to steal some of AMD’s thunder by offering cheap motherboards for overclocking.

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The BIOS update they provide isn’t too revolutionary and offers a multiplier adjustment option which you can tweak if you have a K-Series CPU. Biostar will be rolling the update out for their H87/H81/B85 chipset motherboards over the coming months so if you’ve got a Biostar Haswell motherboard then be sure to check these BIOS updates out. Given that Biostar already offer some of the most affordable motherboards on the market this latest update will make getting a Haswell overclocked system even cheaper.

Image courtesy of Biostar

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