BitFenix Spectre Pro PWM and Spectre LED PWM Fan Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today we have with us a nice selection of fans from BitFenix. We have the 120mm and 140mm variants of the BitFenix Spectre Pro PWM series. In addition to that we also have the 120mm and 140mm variants of the BitFenix Spectre LED PWM series. It is also worth nothing the Spectre series also includes the Spectre Pro LED, Spectre Pro, Spectre, Spectre PWM and Spectre LED fans. If you aren’t confused by now then I guess you are ready for this review!

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The PWM variants of the Spectre series have been designed mainly with CPU heatsink and radiator operation in mind. If you want case fans then the cheaper non PWM versions are available to suit those needs.

Full specifications of all four of these fans can be seen in below table.



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5 Responses to “BitFenix Spectre Pro PWM and Spectre LED PWM Fan Review”
  1. Spectre LED HAS 51.3 CFM &1.88mm-H2O ratings and Spectre PRO has 70.52 CFM & 2.6mm-H2O ratings, yet your saying that according to your tests the Spectre LED is better??
    Something not quite right somewhere surely??
    Either Bitfenix is telling porkys or your test is flawed in someway?

  2. John says:

    Is it possible to replace stock LEDs with other ones?

    • Androctonus crassicauda says:

      They are glued to the fan housing, so its not going to be a matter of “plug out, swap, plug in”.

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