BitPay Launches First TV Campaign to Promote Bitcoin

/ 3 years ago

Bitcoin ad screendump

More and more is pointing in the direction that Bitcoins are here to stay. We recently saw the eRetailer iDIAMONDS starting to accept the virtual currency and now the electronic payment service BitPay launched the first TV Campaign to promote the virtual currency. The campaign is aimed at making Bitcoin transactions more appealing to business owners. The ads are conceived by Felton Interactive Group and the two new ads promote Bitcoin and BitPay as a secure alternative to traditional credit-card transactions.

Both spots are focused on business owners who want to increase their revenue by not paying credit-card transaction fees, which BitPay mitigates using Bitcoin. Based on the spots’ positive feedback on social media, FIG founder Ryan Felton told Campaign that the ads may run again later in January.

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BitPay Television Commercial

BitPay Professionals Commercial

At this point, I’d like to thank youtube for showing me ads before I watched these ads, that’s service.

Thanks to CampaignLive for providing us with this information

Image and video courtesy of BitPay

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