BitTorrent Says It is Fed Up Of Association With Piracy

/ 5 years ago


BitTorrent is getting a bit cheesed off with constantly being associated with piracy. It has stated that the recent game of thrones piracy record is not a BitTorrent piracy record and has nothing to do with BitTorrent because it happens outside the BitTorrent ecosystem.

BitTorrent does not host the infringing content, nor does it point to it. BitTorrent stress that to download something illegally you have to have a search engine, a pirate content site and a content manager and BitTorrent offers none of those things. Furthermore BitTorrent states that these records should be seen as Internet Piracy records not BitTorrent piracy records.

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BitTorrent went on to say that illegal BitTorrent downloaders are using the open-source innovative protocol wrong and they do not endorse piracy at all. Apparently legal content titles in 2012 were downloaded 152 million times with Epic Meal Time doubling the download tally of Game of Thrones which made about 8.6 million.

I think the association between BitTorrent and piracy is unlikely to dissappear anytime but one thing is certain and that is that people will continue to exploit BitTorrent for illegal purposes for a long time to come.

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4 Responses to “BitTorrent Says It is Fed Up Of Association With Piracy”
  1. Anne says:

    BitTorrent is torrent client software like utorrent and many other such softwares. Torrent client softwares host NOTHING so how can they be deemed as pirate wares. Torrents are but one method of downloading from the internet. You should perhaps be aiming your ‘piracy’ tag at the plethora of host file sites that offer and take money to host and download pirate wares.

  2. d6bmg says:

    Bitttorrent is a media based on P2P protocol, which can be use by anyone and anywhere with almost no centralized control..
    It is used for piracy by the end users. The software have nothing to do with it.

  3. porkleaker says:

    Exactly, there has always been piracy and always will be, there were many ways to obtain illegal files prior to its creation and had it not existed at all, there would still be ways to pirate.

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