“Black Ops 2” Appears on a developers CV

/ 6 years ago

Evidence supporting the rumoured ‘Black Ops 2’ title for 2012’s Call of Duty game mounts up as yet another significant mention of the game surfaces.

Computer game artist Hugo Beyer listed ‘Black Ops 2’ as his current project in his Linkedin CV.Beyer is an artist working for Nerve Software, “a Dallas-based independent developer” which has “helped” with previous Activision games including, funnily enough, Black Ops in 2010.

Beyer’s CV has since been yanked off the site, Activision presumably dispatching its men in black suits to clean up any mention of the words ‘Black Ops 2’.

This comes immediately after reports earlier today claiming a ‘Black Ops 2’ listing that appeared briefly on Amazon France, which has also apparently done a disappearing act along with numerous reports about it on French gaming sites.

That bulge under Activision’s rug is getting bigger by the day.

Source: CVG


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