BlackBerry Tweet Promoting Twitter for BlackBerry Sent Via iPhone

/ 3 years ago


BlackBerry has been involved in a now common social media faux pas. The company sent out a tweet promoting Twitter for BlackBerry… on an iPhone.

Yes, the company has made that mistake seemingly made by many celebrities and social media managers these days, by promoting a product via a rival device. I say celebrities, as this has become a very common thing for ‘brand ambassadors’ to do – they get paid to tweet “I love my Samsung Galaxy” while they end up sending it from an iPhone.

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That particular occurrence happened to BlackBerry itself – the company’s former ‘Creative Director’ Alicia Keys sent out tweets from an iPhone in 2013, just after she received the job at BlackBerry. She somehow blamed that on “hackers”.

The latest offending tweet was discovered via Twitter’s TweetDeck service by The Verge, but has since been deleted. We imagine all of BlackBerry’s social media managers will now be issued with new, more appropriate phones.

Source: The Verge

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