BMW i3 Electric Car Can be Bought on Amazon

/ 3 years ago


Amazon may sell a lot of things, but cars are just not made for e-commerce. At least, that is what people think. It seems that the company is now selling the BMW i3 electric vehicle, making it the first car available on the site.

The car has been spotted on the Japanese branch of Amazon, coming in a special page designed for BMW and its i3. If you would like to take a look, you can find the car’s Amazon webpage here. It looks like when an order is placed, customers will receive a call from a BMW representative in just two days who will ask for documents, including if the customer has a parking space and access to an EV charging station.

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BMW and Amazon are told to have formed the partnership in order to reach out to customers who do not have access to a BMW dealership near them. Is this the future of car e-commerce for other brands as well?

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