Boston Dynamics’ New Robot – ‘Spot’ The Dog

/ 3 years ago

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Boston Dynamics, a company now owned by Google, has a new robot to join their other creepy animal-like bots. He/she/it is called Spot, just like the name you might give to a dog. Spot is much smaller compared to their other robots and it also has a body quite similar to that of a dog.

The new bot is much more nimble across rough terrain compared to its older brother, ‘BigDog’. Spot can also climb stairs and run at quite a fast pace. It’s also pretty good at taking kicks from evil humans, recovering, quite eerily, in much the same way a dog would. Well, a dog would probably try to attack back, while Spot can’t (for now, that is).

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Watch the video below to see Spot alongside some of its family members, all of them in training before they take over the human race.

Source: The Verge

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3 Responses to “Boston Dynamics’ New Robot – ‘Spot’ The Dog”
  1. crescentish says:

    That is impressive!

  2. Ryan Airth says:

    So when will it be able to fetch food and beverages?
    Also, is the spinning thing on top a kind of radar?

  3. Terrifying!!! but awesome

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