Brick-Force Heads for Space!

/ 5 years ago

Get ready for an update of galactic proportions coming this month to Brick-Force – the sandbox shooter from Berlin-based developer and publisher Infernum. The new season takes the game to an extraterrestrial level, with adjustable gravity, futuristic outfits, space weapons and characters along with new interactive bricks. Map builders will be over the moon thanks to the new creative possibilities this season. Adjustable gravity, space-worthy decorative bricks and interactive elements like launch pads will allow players to create sci-fi inspired maps like never before. Fight futuristic battles on board elaborate space stations, or drift through space while grappling with various degrees of gravity. Utilize an array of new weapons, outfits and character skins in community driven content that promises to be out of this world.

Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter where players can create worlds and maps that they’ve always dreamed of, brick by brick. These virtual playgrounds can be shared with the community and used as the backdrop for fast paced shooter matches against fellow players or computerized opponents. This comical online game is built on the ‘Unity 3D’ engine and is playable via client or web browser. Brick-Force is a co-production from Korean game developer EXE Games and Infernum. The game launched on July 12th in several languages, with further updates to follow this year.

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