British Army to Set Up 77 Brigade ‘Social Media Unit’

/ 3 years ago


The British Army is to set up a ‘social media unit’ called 77 Brigade. The army is reportedly interested in creating the Brigade due to the ‘ineffectiveness’ of conventional weapons in the face of modern day threats.

The unit will consist of social media experts, psychologists and behaviourists who will be tracking to the communications of  various groups, including those of extremists and militants, in an attempt to establish how such groups are formed, how they develop and how they can be prevented from developing. They’ll also be working directly with such groups and members of the public online in a neutral manner, as part of efforts to prevent the spread of harmful and extremist messages.

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The unit will also be attempting to influence whole populations in order to educate people against negative threats, including those from oppressive governments who may be trying to influence such populations through propaganda.

Source: BBC News

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