British Creativity Showcase Could Help UK Games Sector Get Tax Production Credits

/ 4 years ago

The Creative Industries

Ukie have given their approval and joined forces with the IPS and many other UK creative industry bodies with the launch of a government backed portal which aims to showcase the very best of the UK creative industry, including movies, TV and videogames. The Ukie is especially calling for games businesses to tell their stories on new government backed website as part of a ‘Year of Creativity’. The new site provides a central resource hub linking the industry, UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) global agents and the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) after new statistics published this week revealed that the UK’s creative industries collectively generate a staggering £8 million an hour for the economy.

Speaking at the launch event, Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist said, “With the tax production credits for the games industry still on the agenda, this portal offers a great opportunity to showcase the UK’s games sector, as part of the wider creative industries, to a global audience. The UK games and interactive entertainment industry is world class. We make the biggest selling and most creative entertainment products, we have the right business environment and a fantastic blend of creative talent to make globally successful exports.”

Ukie is helping the IPA collate more stories, case studies and facts from UK games businesses, from both rising stars and established companies, to be featured as part of the games industry section of the new site. Given that the UK plays host to many of legendary and award winning gaming studios, it shouldn’t be hard for them to find a few. With the games industry in the UK declining over many years, with many developers leaving to work in countries with a lower tax rate on games development this could be a great thing for the UK.


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Thank you The Creative Industries for providing us with information.

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