Buffalo TeraStation TS6400DN 16TB SMB NAS Review

Buffalo’s TeraStation 6000 series consists of three base models, a 2-bay and a 4-bay desktop version as well as a 4-bay rack-mounted version. Today I’m taking a closer look at the 4-bay desktop version. Buffalo NAS‘ come pre-installed with drives, making them quick and easy to set up. This model I’m testing today comes with four 4TB drives which make up a total of 16TB raw capacity.

TeraStation TS6400DN

Buffalo NAS come pre-loaded with drives which makes it easy to use for everyone. While installing drives in any other NAS isn’t difficult, it does keep some people from getting it out of fear that they can’t do it or will do something wrong. A Buffalo NAS is more plug and play which has its benefits to such users. This is especially true for SMBs without a dedicated IT department.

The TeraStation TS6400DN is equipped with an Intel Atom C3538 processor which is a quad-core with 2.1GHz. It also comes with 8GB ECC memory installed which in combination give you a great platform to not just share files among a lot of systems, but also run some extra apps.

As far as drive options go, you can get TeraStation TS6400DN with either 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB Seagate IronWolf drives. The typical power consumption of the unit is 55W when idle and 61W during typical usage. The max draw is rated at 85W while it goes as low as 6W when the NAS is in standby mode.

The system runs the Btrfs file system which is my favourite thanks to the snapshot functionality and the added benefit from that. The NAS also supports iSCSI for those who like that kind of direct drive connection. Naturally, cloud access is also available which allows synchronization with 3rd party cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Azure.

Connection Options

The Buffalo TS6400DN comes with three networking ports. It starts with two default Gigabit Ethernet ports and continues with one 10 Gigabit port. All three are RJ45 port which makes them compatible with cheaper RJ45 equipment.

The two Gigabit ports can be linked for better throughput or failover while the 10GbE supports the faster speeds. Naturally, it’s also compatible with all slower network options too which includes the newer 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps IEEE802.3bz networking options.

For external devices such as storage drives and UPS, the TS6400DN also comes with two USB 3.0 Type-A ports. It should be noted that I’ve experienced trouble with dedicated docking stations such as the SilverStone TS11C, but dedicated external drives and drive enclosures work without any issues.

Why Buy a Pre-Loaded NAS?

Besides the above mentioned ease of use or fear of doing it yourself, there are a few other benefits of getting a NAS such as this Buffalo TeraStation TS6400DN.

The first, and in my opinion the best, is the 24-hour replacement service of a failed drive. That is if the worst case should happen and a drive will fail. If the report is in before noon, you should have a replacement the next day and the system can rebuild the array and restore everything to the way it was before the failure. This applies within the 3-year warranty for each TeraStation and LinkStation NVR sold in the EU. Other regions might vary, so check the details for your location first.

The device is equipped with reliable NAS drives which have been developed for just this kind of usage. They are also thoroughly checked and tested for the type of usage that it will go through in this device; with all its available functions and features.

Feature Highlights

  • 10GbE Connectivity (2.5 and 5 Gbps compatible)
  • Quad-core Intel CPU and 8GB ECC Memory
  • 256-bit data encryption option
  • Advanced security functions such as boot authenticator
  • 3-year warranty and 1-day drive replacement service

What Does Buffalo Have To Say?

The TeraStation 6000 NAS series has been especially designed for small and medium-sized businesses in need of a highly reliable network storage solution with advanced backup features, powerful hardware and iSCSI protocol.

Thanks to snapshot and snapshot backup functionality, restoring files after editing mistakes or accidental deletion can be done easily and fast. Backups can be performed without errors during the day while employees are working on the files. This makes the TS6000 an ideal file server solution for companies working with CAD data and photo or video editing agencies. Performing snapshots regularly is also a great measure against ransomware attacks

If you would like to know more, we suggest you check out the official product page or the datasheet which holds all the relevant information.

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Bohs Hansen

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