Build a Game Picks up Pace on Kick Starter

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Chad Walker, Eric Walker, and Nathan Warden, game developers, educators and software engineers, turn to alternative funding sources for their latest game project, Build A Game, an application designed to enable the creation, playing, sharing and selling of interactive media such as games. With just a few weeks left to fund, the process is in high gear.

Independent game developers Eric Walker, Chad Walker and Nathan Warden are turning to the Internet to raise funds for their latest game project, Build A Gamean application designed to enable the creation, playing, sharing and selling of games. With funding as the first major hurdle to getting any application off the ground, the team invested one year to develop the first ever cross platform development tool, built on Unity 3D™, to showcase their vision, in hopes to encourage backers.

When questioned why Crowdfunding was appealing, Chad noted, “the ability to bring together people in a trusted environment, while keeping them up to date on the state of the project is key to a successful campaign“.  An added advantage for developers is KickStarter’s merchant partner Amazon, which enables each project the convenience of receiving funds from anywhere in the world.

Chad, Eric and Nathan enter online fundraising for the first time. Preparing for a campaign poses many challenges and hurdles, but they stated, ”We are excited about our project and amazed by the work that goes in to making a successful campaign. We just have to find the time to sleep,” they joked.

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The application Build A Game enables people from all walks of life to create and publish their expressions through games. A feature rich environment, Build A Game uses images and sound effects from the users and from an online store (free and paid), to tell the stories and express their unique views through games. Designing an environment simple enough for kids and deep enough for developers, the application seeks to enable the large unheard voices that are ready to share their ideas and their experiences.

The application supports one click publishing to all major devices so sharing or selling your experience to others can be done with ease. Chad, Eric and Nathan are developing atop industry standard technologies, Unity 3D™ providing for a strong foundation. If the application is successfully funded, then Chad, Eric and Nathan expect to deliver the final product before the end of the year.

To learn more about the application, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here

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