The C4 Jeep (or “Jeep stuff”) is Back in Battlefield 1

/ 8 months ago

Having a C4 jeep in Battlefield 1 can be done, but it’s not quite as easy as it was in previous Battlefield games.

Those of you who have played the Battlefield series might remember a common tactic of the C4 jeep, more commonly (and offensively) known as the ‘Jihad jeep’  or ‘jeep stuff’ as popularised by ‘Battlefield Friends’.

The tactic can in brief be described in the following chain of events;

  • You find a weak/common vehicle (a jeep).
  • You place explosives on that vehicle (c4 for example).
  • You climb into that vehicle and drive around looking for a heavily armoured vehicle (usually a tank).
  • You point your jeep at the tank, speed up to create some momentum and ‘bail out’.
  • With any luck, your vehicle will continue to roll and crash into the side of the tank.
  • You detonate your explosive and usually take out the tank with it.
  • Wait for the explosion of hate mail in the chat bar.

The tactic was created to effectively take out tanks and lowering the risk to yourself, and it was quite effective.

I myself must confess to perfecting the art of the Air Transport crash on Battlefield 2142. With a lot of practice, I found the ability to crush enemies by slick manoeuvres and even found a way to destroy a walker by crashing into it, but still surviving myself. My friends soon learnt that if they were in a walker and they saw an air transport coming, to run away very quickly. Without blowing my own trumpet, this did get me in the top 10 air transport scores in the world for about 8 months so it does prove that certain ‘underhand” tactics can give great results.

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Until recently though, this was thought to be impossible in Battlefield 1, until now!

So, how do we achieve this in Battlefield 1?

  • You find a breakable object (such as a crate) and place explosives on it.
  • You drive your vehicle (in the videos instance a motorbike) through it.
  • With any luck, the explosives stick to your bike.
  • Enjoy!

I have tried this myself and can confirm it does kinda work, but it is very tricky and will likely be patched in the next few months, but still, if you’re one of those people who like ‘dirty tactics’ I shall look forward to raging at you via the chat in-game.

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