Cable-Free Elevator is Capable of Moving Sideways, Too

/ 3 years ago


Well, this is definitely interesting: a new Multi elevator is throwing away the required cables, and providing its moving abilities with. magnetic linear motor technology. This technology allows the elevator to not only move vertically, as normal elevators do, but horizontally, or sideways, too.

This new form of elevator allows building designers and firms to make buildings and skyscrapers with very unique designs, as the elevator shafts can be moved around the building, instead of being placed near the centre or sides. It’s also easy for multiple elevators to be installed into the single shaft, ensuring that people have far less waiting time for elevators, especially in tall skyscrapers. MagneMotion already has a system available on-board an aircraft carrier, something that delivers weapons, but not people.

The first building to receive a trial of this new technology will take place in 2016.

Source: Engadget.


  • Wayne

    Nice. Could it be the demise of fairgrounds as we know them?