You Can Now Enjoy 60 FPS YouTube Videos on Mobile Devices

/ 2 years ago

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It’s been a year now since YouTube allowed its users to upload and view videos at 60 FPS, but up until recently, this function was only available for PC users. Fortunately, it looks like we can now finally watch those silky smooth gameplay videos on our mobile devices as well, provided that they are based on Android or iOS operating systems. Sadly, the option to livestream at 60 FPS on mobile has not yet been implemented, but it might be a bit too early for that anyway, as YouTube has only just launched this feature for desktop users a few months ago.

To be honest, I’m quite pleased that YouTube has decided to expand this 60 FPS thing, because it allows channel owners to create gameplay videos that showcase exactly how games look and feel at high frame rates. Obviously, TV shows and movies benefit less from this particular feature, but there are a few music videos out there that were shot at 60 FPS, and they definitely look better than regular ones. You can go ahead and try out this new option on your mobile device, but keep in mind that you’ll need to switch the quality of the video to 720p60 or 1080p60.

Thank you Techspot for providing us with this information.

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