Captherm Systems Incredible New Cooler @ CES 2015

/ 2 years ago


We absolutely loved this cooler at CES 2014 and we’re extremely happy to see it make a return. It’s design is completely insane, featuring a block that is made from explosion welded materials and now finished with a high-powered laser welding system. It’s a water cooling unit, that can run without a pump and even run passive, but its performance is still incredible.

The tricky and somewhat awesome manufacturing process allows them to keep the coolant in a low pressure environment, creating a low boiling point and allowing heat to transfer much quicker. You can actually see the liquid boiling behind the glass cover of the CPU block.

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All their new models will be hitting the market this year and while prices are going to be around $249.99 and upwards, there really is no way you can put a price on hardware that’s just so cool! We’ll have one in for review soon enough and we look forward to showing you exactly what it can do.








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