CD Projekt Red Accused of “Downgrading” Graphics in The Witcher 3

/ 3 years ago


CD Prokect Red has only just announced a 3 month delay to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but now the developer is being accused of downgrading the graphics, something that was revealed to the Internet in the latest trailer to the game.

There’s a new trailer that features “low-resolution environmental and character textures” reports WCCFTech, with some fans of the game taking to CD Projekt Red’s YouTube channel and forums. One fan, JohnReese, wrote “The downgrade is real. I refused to believe it at first, but it’s pretty obvious now. Still a good trailer though, and I’m sure the game will be amazing nonetheless.” JohnReese was replied to by CD Projekt Red’s Community and Website Coordinator Marcin Momot, who said:

“I believe some explanation is required here. Unfortunately this time we’ve encountered some horrible YouTube compression problems. At this very moment we are working on fixing this and will upload another version of the trailer as soon as we can. It will present much higher quality. I want to assure you that there will be no downgrade – I see this game every day – it looks stunning.”

Source: WCCFTech & Gamersyde.


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  1. Honey Vig says:

    So Basically PC gamers have better preformace rates but consoles keep gaming alive… Kinda sorta? I can dig it everyone wins

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