AMD CES 2013 Presentation

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CES 2013-580-75

Today me and Chris spent an hour with AMD and their presentation for the next generation of AMD technologies. On display were a range of technologies for the future of the AMD GPU and CPU range, as well as their demonstrations of surround technology for multiple displays, audio devices and more.



There were a number of key technologies on display, from both present and future product ranges but the primary focus was definitely on mobile applications such as tablets and ultra books.


It was good to see that with a heavy focus on mobile applications and power saving solutions for ultrabooks and similar devices that there was still room for computers built to blow your mind and this laptop from MSI was no different, easily capable of running Eyefinity.

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Tomb Raider and most any modern game was easy work for the laptop and it definitely grabbed plenty of attention after the presentation.


 The real star of the show though, for me personally (Peter) was this tablet, which you will have seen in the video above, but to be able to game on graphically stunning titles such as DiRT Showdown, on a tablet, is simple stunning.

We’ve got plenty more great coverage from some of the biggest names at the show, with some great looks at some of the latest Chassis, PSU, Graphics cards, Motherboards and a whole lot more. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or website for more.

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