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Chieftronic Steel Power 750W PSU Review

While the Chieftronic brand does not have an overly strong reputation with consumers (so far), the interest in their products does seem to grow quite significantly when people are made aware of the fact that this is gaming-focused offshoot of Chieftec. With the recent launch of their brand new ‘Steel Power’ series of PSUs, therefore, we were more than a little anxious to check these out as, at least on the surface, they look to tick a lot of the premium performance boxes while coming at a very affordable price point.

Chieftronic Steel Power 750W Power Supply

As two of its key features, the new Chieftronic Steel Power PSU series comes with a fully modular cable design and an 80-Plus Bronze efficiency performance rating. As such, this should already indicate that this is a power supply looking to hit all of the key remits the savvy consumer should have. Available in wattage outputs of 550, 650, and 750, for this review, we will specifically be taking a closer look at the ‘top of the line’ 750-watt model.

Although clearly pending further investigation, which we will of course cover in this review, the overall immediate ethos we take from this PSU is that it’s looking to offer customers high levels of performance but at a price point that won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet. In other words, although we stand to be proven wrong, it does seem that the ‘Steel Power’ series might be taking a swing at our ‘Bang for Buck’ award.

What Does Chieftronic Have to Say?

“The SteelPower Series from Chieftronic brings many of the well-received and proven upmarket features and components from the PowerPlay series into the mainstream gamer’s market. Gamers can now benefit from the tight voltage regulation and low ripple thanks to the use of half-bridge LLC converters with DC-DC technology as well as premium Japanese capacitors in combination with 80PLUS Bronze efficiency and fully modular cable management. Offered in wattages of 550W, 650W and 750W, the SteelPower series benefits from a high power-density design allowing all the above mentioned to be packed into a compact 14cm long housing with a 120mm FDB silent fan. The design of the PSU comes in a rugged understated look.”


  • 80 PLUS® Bronze certified efficiency
  • Fully modular cable management
  • Half-bridge LLC converter with DC-to-DC technology
  • Premium Japanese capacitors
  • FDB 12cm fan


For more detailed specifications, please visit the official product page via the link here!


Coming as a fully modular design, the Chieftronic Steel Power has more than enough cables to easily hook up the vast majority of gaming PC systems. This, most notably, includes 6 SATA connections as well as a total of 4 PCIe connectors. No, not masses, but I daresay that this is absolutely perfect for most of you reading this. Offering quite a generous cabling length as well, this should help ensure users have no excuse for sloppy management or untidy systems!

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Mike Sanders

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