Child Vs. Google Glass, See What They See

/ 4 years ago


Do you remember what it was like to be a child? I sure don’t, maybe bits and pieces. I haven’t thought much about how a child might see the world. A child always needing to look up at the people around them, and needing to run to keep up with the longer legs of an adult.

With Google Glass we are able to get a better perspective, and not only for children like we see in this video.


This man places google glass on his child, and allows us to get a slight glimpse at what a child might see, not with the vivid colors, or the loud sounds. We get to see the quality of the video that the Google Glass produces, and the quality of the microphone. Really, I was very impressed by the quality of both. I must ask though, why stop at having children wear Google Glass, we could strap it to our pets, and see what our pets see, among other things. I really can’t wait until I get the opportunity to test out Glass for myself, though I will most likely need to wait for quite awhile as the prices will most likely be quite high.

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I can just imaging the possibilities for video and photographs with Glass, and that is just to scratch the surface of all the features that it will offer. I am still not sure about the screen size though, it seems so tiny. Are you ready for Google Glass? What are you looking forward to most from Google Glass?


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3 Responses to “Child Vs. Google Glass, See What They See”
  1. Gram says:

    It’s like the beginning of Fallout 3.

  2. BJ Cohen says:

    i would like them if i had them

  3. Wayne says:

    I have as much interest in Google Glass as contracting herpes.

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