China Expresses Strong Dissatisfaction Over US Accusations

/ 4 years ago

The Chinese is not liking United States’ alleged accusation and has expressed “resolution opposition” and strong dissatisfaction. U.S. accused China of cyber espionage by using the Chinese origin IT products to spy on United States’ internal operations within the government and its organizations, such as products made by Huawei, ZTE and also involving Lenovo in some form. It is also noted earlier that Sprint who will be acquiring a Japanese based carrier that it will comply by not using Chinese origin IT hardware. Ever since, 2 of the world’s top economies have been mudslinging each other ever.

China points out that the accusations made by United States has no grounds as the only evidence is nothing more than series of attacks on U.S. of which half of it originated from China.

The new provision that was introduced some days back which will be signed as a law on Thursday will stop NASA and even Department of Justice and Department of Commerce will not be allowed any IT hardware made in China, unless there is a federal approval from law enforcement officials before acquiring them from China.

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It is estimated by U.S. Congressional Research Service that Chinese advanced IT imports to United costs $129 Billion. Stopping this also could violate World Trade Organization’s rules, but on the other hand, China did not sign the agreement setting international rules for government procurement with WTO, therefore points to the possibility of the Chinese trying to repair the situation to be futile.

It is noted in China Dail and The People’s Daily that Shen Danyang, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, China that the the bill that United States drafted sends a ‘very wrong signal’. He also said,”This will directly impact partnerships of Chinese enterprises and American business as they conduct regular trade. This abuse of so-called national security measures is unfair to Chinese enterprises, and extends the discriminatory practice of presumption of guilt. This severely damages mutual trust between the U.S. and China.”

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Kei who urged U.S. to abandon the law said that the bill uses internet security as an excuse to take discriminatory steps against Chinese companies.

Source: Reuters

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