Chinese CEO Compares Apple to Hitler

/ 3 years ago


Jia Yueting, CEO of Chinese video website Leshi TV has posted an image to his personal Weibo page that show a cartoon Adolf Hitler that, in the place of the familiar Swastika, has the Apple logo emblazoned on his armband. The image compares Apple to Android, with the Google operating system depicted with happy, smiling children.

Apple-Hitler 2

The banner above the image translates as “Crowdsourced freedom versus arrogance and tyranny”. The stark message coincides with Leshi’s rumoured entrance into the smartphone market. Can you guess which OS it’ll be using?

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Accompanying the image, Yueting writes, “Under the arrogant regime of iOS domination that developers around the world love yet hate, we are always carefully asking, ‘is this kind of innovation okay?'”

Yueting may have reasoned arguments against Apple, but as the internet knows, to invoke Godwin’s Law is to invalidate one’s argument. Plus, it makes you look like a dick.

Source: Gizmodo

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