Choiix Wake Up Folio Protective iPad2 Smart Cover and Back Case Review

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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Choiix are a brand who have appeared on eTeknix only a few times in the past, and that’s down to the fairly slow release of products, but that’s not a bad thing, as when they do release a product it’s generally been thought about extensively and researched fully and that’s why their catalogue has a very unique selection.

If you wasn’t aware, Choiix are a sub-brand of legendary chassis and power supply manufacturer; Cooler Master and focus on the gadget and portable market by offering some very unique products aimed at iPhones, iPads and much more and today sees us taking a look at one aimed at the iPad.

The Wake Up Folio comes in a see through enclosure perfect for seeing the various colours available. We happen to have the bright green version but other colours include white, grey, blue, orange, black and regrettably; pink.

The rear of the packaging shows the various ways that the product can act as a smart cover as well as a back case and how it can be used to accomodate your iPad to be suit your needs. The packaging also has the ability to be able to feel the Polyurethane surface by use of a cut out hole on the packaging.

The smart cover is indeed smart, as it features ridges along the surface from top to bottom which allow the devices to be folded and used as a stand, of which we’ll show you exactly how it can be used in this manner, as it’s certainly interesting to say the least. The smart cover is also very suited to the iPad as it locks the screen as you cover the iPad, and as soon as the cover is removed, the iPad screen comes back on again. Simply a great and well thought idea.

On the inside, the cover features a soft, carpet like material which protects both the rear and front of your iPad which is perfect to keep dirt and other foreign elements away, as well as protecting the screen and of course the rear from scratches without the need for a screen protector which can be more hassle than they are worth to even fit, let alone use once fitted.

The rear of the cover on this particular colour scheme includes a white plastic outer shell and includes the green slightly softer green textured material to give a non-slip surface when your device has been placed down.

The iPad sits perfectly within the case and clips into place into each corner. The mould has been perfectly made to accomodate the iPad 2 as shown in our picture and has no fear of the iPad coming loose at any time. The inside of the cover pulls over the front of your device to keep the screen protected.


[wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]The joy of the smart cover, is the fact that it really is exactly that, smart. It folds over several times to create a Toblerone style rest that the iPad can be used to lean against. This allows for the iPad to sit up slightly so that you can use your device from an angle that is more comforting to your position and of course your eyes.

The smart cover features a set of magnetic panels which keeps the design solid and in place and also allows for your iPad to strand up and rest along the bottom so that you have another choice of how you want your device to be angled to your particular style.

Personally I prefer this angle as it can be used to play movies and other video footage whilst I write articles, much like this one.

It’s a great idea and a fantastic concept and we love it purely because of several reasons. The fact that it uses a Polyurethane outer shell gives an upmarket feel to it and the internal microfiber lining is more than perfect for keeping your iPad 2 snug and protected.

The outer protective cover also uses solid strips to give that little bit extra added protection to the front of your iPad, as we all know, accidents can and do happen from time to time, so Choiix have thought about these situations instead of going fashion over form, and have somehow developed this with both in mind.

The choice of colours is a great selling point and has many to choose from no matter who you are. Speaking personally, I’m a big fan to the green that we received but certainly would be interested in the black or white versions as they feature a slightly different Eco-leather outer material opposed to Polyurethane, which could be interesting to say the least and possibly give a slightly more classier feel, not to say that the PU material isn’t ample for what its purpose is and still feels to be of great quality.

As we see more and more Choiix products being stocked all around the world, we can only assume that this particular cover/case will soon be more freely available to the market, though no RRP has been released to the UK as of yet, so we simply can’t comment on the value aspect of it.

Once again, talking for me personally, the Wake Up Folio would have to be priced under £30 to offer some kind of competative value, and though a lot may consider that to be expensive, you have to put it into perspective and take £8 screen protectors as a prime comparison example. iPad owners will appreciate that accessories to go with it, cost money, and that’s been the way with all Apple products, so you wouldn’t really expect any different to be honest.

Overall, it’s a great product that sets out to do what it’s meant to and that is simply to add protection to your complete iPad in terms of protecting the rear and front. As we can all appreciate, an iPad 2 is an expensive investment and wanting to keep it in pristine condition is something consumers care for.

If you can get that aspect of it sorted, whilst giving extra functionality with the stand up features of the Folio, then we seriously think this product will sell extremely well and will be welcomed by iPad 2 customers with open arms.


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