Club 3D HD 7970 pictured [Edited]

/ 6 years ago

*Edit* At the request of Club3D the picture has been removed and replaced with a picture of a stock HD 7970 but as we have stated in the article the difference in visual appearance is minimal.

The release date for AMD’s add in board partners and the HD 7970 does not arrive until January the 9th. So even though most manufacturers are ready with their cards, we won’t see them for another couple of weeks. But somehow Club 3D’s HD 7970 has still made it to the web even though we are still 2 weeks from the deadline.

However, it doesn’t actually look that exciting. Club 3D have taken the reference AMD design and done a whole load of nothing with it. The only change is a red coloured PCB over the black coloured PCB which most HD 7970 press samples have been seen with. The Club 3D card will use stock clocks of 925MHz core and 5.5GHz memory even though we know the card has a lot more in it ( up to around 1150MHz core depending on the luck of the silicon lottery). This card will be based on the 28nm Tahiti architecture which crams in 2048 Radeon cores and 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM across a 384bit interface.

Retail prices for this unit should come with no surprises, given the highly reference look of this card we expect between $500-$550.

Source: DonanimHaber, TechPowerUp, PC Tuning

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