Co-op walkthrough video for the upcoming Ghost Recon

/ 6 years ago

There is still some time before Tom Clancy’s famous series sees its next settlement finally released, but in the mean time, Ubisoft keeps in releasing teasers every once in a while to both show the fans what to expect, and also, let’s admit it, to make us drool.

This new video, you’re being shown the importance of team work, as well as the advanced technologies utility in the new co-op campaign. Enough talking, more action, here’s the video.


In this new video, meet Adrian, IP Director at Ubisoft, who will be commenting this playthrough of the co-op mode in Ghost Recon : Future Soldier.

Find out how you will be able to assist your team in high profile military operations

For those of us already drooling over this, patience is key here, the game will release on May 24th.

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