Colorfire announce HD 7850 XStorm

/ 5 years ago

We’ve been waiting for this Colorfire HD 7850 XStorm for quite a long time now, but finally Colorfire have got around to releasing it – just in time for the GTX 660 release.

The HD 7850 XStorm is an entirely custom HD 7850 design with a custom PCB and large GPU overclocks out-of-the-box. The VRM features 8+1+1 power phases but can also be extended with an additional power supply module which features two tantalum capacitors, four High Quality MosFETs and Japanese phase solid state capacitors.

The core clock is at the reference levels of 860MHz core and 1200MHz memory but these can be increased with the Turbo switch up to 950MHz core and 1250MHz memory. There is 2GB of GDDR5 memory running on a 256-bit interface.

Display outputs include dual DVI dual link, single HDMI and single Display Port. The cooler consists of 6 nickel plated copper heat pipes, a dense aluminium heat sink and a single 92mm fan.

The RRP is expected at $280.


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