Colorful GeForce GTX 980 iGame Revealed

/ 3 years ago


Colorful are preparing to launch their new flagship GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, the GTX 980 iGame. The company has quite a reputation for going completely over the top when it comes to their flagship graphics cards and the GTX 980 iGame is no exception.


The Colorful GTX 980 iGame comes equipped with a massive cooler and a monster sized VRM that makes any other GTX 980 series graphics card look small in comparison. The board ships with a non-reference PCB which was designed by Colorful, which features pure silver traces, a ridiculous 14-phase VRM that draws power from a pair of 8-pin PCIe inputs, server grade tantalum capacitors, DPAK MOSFETs, high-current solid-chokes that won’t whine while under load.


All that hardware is put to good use from some impressive overclocks which are set via the cards dual-BIOS. The first bios runs the card with a 1127 MHz core, 1216 MHz boost and 7 GHz memory clock. The second bios runs at 1178 Mhz core, 1279 MHz boost and 7.01 GHz memory. Each BIOS can be selected via a simple toggle push switch located on the card. The overclock might not sound like a huge leap given the over the top hardware on this card, but you can bet it’ll run cool and stable. Colorful have left plenty of headroom for enthusiasts to push the clocks even further and we don’t doubt for a minute that this card can do a whole lot more thanks to the coolers triple slot design, which is equipped with a compound aluminium fin-stack heatsink and three 100mm fans.

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The card also features three DisplayPort 1.2 ports, a single HDMI 2.0, one dual-link DVI connector and a solid metal back-plate. No details on price, but expect this to be one of the fastest and most expensive GTX 980’s on the market.

If that wasn’t enough, iGame are promising an even faster GTX 980, the GTX 980 iGame Kudan which you can expect later this month along side their new GTX 970 iGame; we can’t wait!

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

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  1. Wayne says:

    These Colorful folks don’t strike me as being the shy types with their pink piping on the cooler (I quite like it), unless it’s red and my screen just makes it look pink.

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