Colorful unveils custom built GTX 560Ti iGame

/ 6 years ago

The Asian based graphics card vendor Colorful has unveiled its custom designed GTX 560Ti graphics card based of the GF-114 processor. It uses a GF-110 sized PCB but with a GF-114 chip and uses the extra space to fit a large 8 phase VRM design that is capable of delivery up to 300W of power to the card through three 6 pin PCI-E connectors. This card employs high-grade chokes with driver-MOSFETs as well as a large amount of voltage read checkpoints. The card features VGA BIOS loaded into separate EEPROM chips,which are switchable using a switch on the rear-panel. The memory chips are Samsung made as expected and have also been binned for the highest overclocking potential.

What is really unique about this card is the built on expansion capabilities it has. On the front side it has a mini PCI-E slot and on the rear side a SODIMM slot but without any additional information except pictures it is difficult to speculate what these have been designed for. All of this is pretty intense stuff so to cool it all down there is 10 heat pipe cooler design with two large fans probably 92mm. The product will be designed for the Asian and European markets as usual but we have no idea on pricing and final clock speeds but given the custom nature of this product clock speeds should be very high and the pricing will not be that close to a standard GTX 560Ti.

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Source: Press Release


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