Computex: Booth Babes Part 2!

/ 4 years ago

We already brought you our “booth babes part 1” and now its time for another dose of some Computex booth babes.

First up we have a lovely booth babe with the PQI team marketing their storage options.


Next we have three Asian Persuasions working with Apacer in some rather questionable outfits.


Next is a rather stylish looking lady with the memory vendors Team Group who make DRAM, SSD and Flash memory products.


V-Color have made a big show of force with their booth babes, out in a rather striking skimpy red outfit to lure those punters in.


I think you’d be rather fortunate to slip by quietly without receiving about 10 leaflets from the V-Color girls.

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ADATA had a selection of rather colorfully dressed ladies out and about holding some ridiculously large cardboard SD cards!


Moving onto another booth we had a couple of strangely dressed booth babes with Apotop the Wi-Fi and networking company baised in Taiwan.


Avexir were playing it quite safe with their booth babes opting to wear a decent amount of clothing!


Finally we had Vatyn using some cheap tactics to get punters to check out those “80 PLUS Gold” certifications that so conveniently happen to be printed onto this booth babes womanly parts.


Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex (and booth babe) coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

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3 Responses to “Computex: Booth Babes Part 2!”
  1. Wayne says:

    I think it’s derogatory having the manufacturers slap their branding on their skins. They’re not cattle at an auction.

      • JMHJ says:

        Not that I’m a fan of it, but honostly that is what moddeling is all about. You let people borrow your body to show off their brand / design. And honestly i dont see the difference from wearing a shirt with a logo on it, or just getting the logo right on the skin. I do find it a bit distastefull how “sex sells” has gotten almost as big with computers as it is with the sales of guns etc in USA.

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