Computex: Lian Li Exhibit Their Latest Chassis Ranges

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Lian Li had lots of new chassis design on display at Computex, with products that ranged from highly functional to others that were a little crazy and fun, but what about the rest? What about the ones for day to day computers, gaming rigs and other general purpose builds where people just want a nice and tidy aluminum chassis?

The chassis above features a side mount for a 240mm water cooling radiator, a little different but it’s certainly a space saver in an mATX chassis.


The radiator mount can be swung out, allowing both each access to install components, but also allowing for quick and easy maintenance.


There’s plenty of room for cable management too and while it’s a little unrefined it’s more than enough to keep airflow neat and tidy around the front.


The PC-Q35 supports mITX and mATX motherboards, but offers up front mounted storage space with a lockable cover, making this ideal for a NAS, Network or HTPC solution where quick access to storage is important.


It’s also quite sizeable in the back and this gives up plenty of room for cooling and a full size PSU.


For those who need something similar but with even greater space you can opt for the slimmer but taller PC-Q37 which features a similar modular interior and locking front panel.


The PC-D600 is king of the group and offers a full double width chassis with the motherboard mounting in the center, this allows for a window panel on both sides of the chassis, one side can display you water cooling, motherboard and graphics card, the other leaves room for storage.

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The extra space can also be used for a huge 360mm radiator, making this ideal for extreme performance builds, or even a rendering rig should you be so inclined.


The PC-V2130 is nothing short of freaking massive, as you can see its targeted at the same market as the new Antec Fifteen Hundred and the Corsair D900, this is for seriously hardcore systems that need a lot of space and if you can’t fit your rig in this beast, there is little else bigger on the market.


It features full front panel fentilation, a locking panel, front access locked HDD bays and 6 5.25″ bays.


It also has very competent cable management, an important aspect when you cramming a huge stack of hard drives and graphics cards into something this size.


Finally we have a massive range of rans, ideal for keeping everything cool and no doubt plenty of room for some monster size water cooling units.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

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