Concept Turns Old Smartphone Parts into High Spec PC

/ 3 years ago

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Many of us update our phones at increasingly regular intervals now, often once every one or two years. While many of us sell our phones, the buyers of secondhand devices don’t keep them too long either. Quite often they end up in landfill. So what do we do to solve this? Should we all buy modular phones like the concept proposed by Google and others? Well one company in Finland thinks that is indeed the way to go, but wants to take it even further.

The Puzzlecluster is a concept put forward by Circular Devices, a Finnish company that is developing the Puzzlephone, a modular smartphone similar to Google’s Project Ara. Their cluster concept would utilise the discarded modules used in the phones to make high spec PCs and as time progresses, supercomputers.

The idea is beautifully simple – the Puzzlecluster is essentially a case that can take old components from modular smartphones. It’ll allow you to keep adding old CPUs, building up the power of the system the more you add. The machine could be repurposed as a PC, or as you add more and more CPUs, it could become a high spec PC and eventually a server or mini supercomputer.


It’s an interesting concept, one that will hopefully someday come to fruition.

Source: The Verge

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