Confusing Assassin’s Creed: Unity GPU Recommendations and Optimising Issues

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As we’re inundated with comments about Assassins Creed: Unity barely performing above 50 FPS on low settings throughout higher end graphic card offerings from NVIDIA and AMD, we’ve taken some time out to look at NVIDIA’s recommendations as to what exactly you should purchase to run Ubisoft’s latest game.

Take a look at this table and explanation below, it mentions that Unity has some pretty demanding system requirements (we wrote about it pre-release) and suggests exactly what you should expect to run to reach smooth frame-rates at full HD – 1920 x 1080 resolution.

nvidia AC unity requirements suggestion

Now we must admit, aiming for 40 FPS is pretty poor – we suggest you should be looking at around 120 FPS minimum on any game to have a fully smooth experience. But according to this table, you should be looking at a rather nice experience running your budget grade GTX 780 Ti which will set you back a pocket change amount of $570 US in today’s market. Obviously we’re being sarcastic in this remark, and it leaves us thinking if Ubisoft spent enough time optimizing their game.

Looking at the plethora of posts on Reddits PC Master Race shows that even given these minimum system requirements, the game still isn’t properly functional. Below you can see Reddit user ElliotCarter94 using his R9 290 card coupled with a i5 3570k running at 3.8GHz, only managing to achieve 39 FPS on a 640 x 480 resolution set at the lowest graphic quality.

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640 480 AC unity res

This is coupled with other users claiming 47-52 FPS when utilizing their GTX 760’s on low settings, among other issues of console wording being unchanged when Ubisoft went through through the process of porting it to PC.

Furthermore, if you take a quick look at NVIDIA’s apparent amazing comparisons when comparing high and low settings within Unity, they provide two total comparisons set in different environments, set to display the major difference between running high or low settings. You can see example one here, and example two here. If you look closely, you’ll find that there’s basically no difference at all – what’s up with that? On top of this fact, NVIDIA are offering free Assassins Creed: Unity copies with some of their graphic cards, which begs the question – why are they offering a game which the card wont run?

Please don’t let it end like this Ubisoft, they’ve made some great games in the past – but as of recent times, they’ve really proven that they are out of touch with the community and are seemingly dragging NVIDIA down with them.

We are currently working on securing a PR contact for Ubisoft – we will continue to report as soon this happens or as the story develops.

Cover image courtesy of eTeknix

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67 Responses to “Confusing Assassin’s Creed: Unity GPU Recommendations and Optimising Issues”
  1. Wayne says:

    Ubi should be grossly ashamed of themselves for releasing such a half baked game which is obviously nothing more than a money grab and people should have the common sense to vote with their wallets, if it’s broken don’t splash out, Ubi will then have a sudden change of heart and attitude very quickly. I hear it doesn’t fare too well on consoles either, I’m not concerned about it but I do feel sorry for the saps who threw their money at it.
    I was really looking forward to the game but I’ve since changed my mind after this fiasco, I’ll give this installment a miss as well just as I did with the past few installments.

    • Alistair Hardy says:

      I think the last AAA title i purchased was BF3 and I said never again.
      And that was only because my friends got it!
      All the AAA publishers are cocking up their launches these days and it’s a shame. It hurts the industry and gaming in general. I’m thankfull that the PC gaming community has so many smaller titles and that it’s so backwards compatible.

      • Andres Reyes says:

        That’s it you got it, there are small developers with good games and I’ll never spend any cent on any game from this company Except Farcry 4 I really like that game 😉

        • Wayne says:

          I’ve lost all confidence in them. I’d actually be surprised if it wasn’t a total stuff up like ACU.

          • Andres Reyes says:

            Yeah me too, but I think it can’t be that bad so I’m buying it in January, right now more interested on buying my GTX970

          • Wayne says:

            I’d wait until it has been released before pulling the trigger if I were you, you just might regret it.
            Yes, the GTX 970 is a very nice card for the price, I have the EVGA Superclocked 4GB model, a little overkill for 1080p which I use but I got it for nothing so I’m not gonna turn it down or complain.

  2. Guest says:

    I’m having 0 issues it’s running smooth for me

  3. Guy Parris says:

    I’m having 0 issues it’s running smooth for me there is no point in slating a company if people don’t know what there doing on pc. i bet you people haven’t done a clean install properly with drivers or they’re having a ton of stuff running in the back round.

    • DABhand says:

      Nice warez copy you have there kid. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so forward to people when you didn’t even buy the game.

      • Guy Parris says:

        what are you talking about I got this game early. There is people on uplay forums that have also got the game early. there’s people that have even had it since yesterday. Stop trolling man!!

        • DABhand says:

          Dude, you have removed the video I see, your username was ALI312 which is an Infamous Chinese user who release titles to the masses. You think Ubisoft gave out early copies that were cracked with that username? Are you seriously deluded?

          • Guy Parris says:

            what are you talking about seriously I’m uploading more videos. who the hell is al312?????

          • DABhand says:

            Then why did you remove your video? If you have nothing to hide.

            Uh-huh you can’t answer that one can you.

          • Guy Parris says:

            Because I wanted to make better videos. Now shut your pile hole

          • DABhand says:

            Using ALI213’s v5 crack =/= you are legit. Show me some online function like you making your own club in the Theater Cafe, or playing co-op. Or even Initiates through the game, simple press ESC go down to initiates and select. Show that on a video.

          • Guy Parris says:

            here a big photo of my uplay game list. is this enough? are you going to stop trolling and saying my name is ALI?

          • DABhand says:

            You finally bought it then, good for you, but you know and I know you were using the ALI213 release, are you that embarrassed to admit it? Even people with common sense know, that you don’t take down a video just because you wanted to “make better videos” when the content was pretty much identical.

            You are not fooling anyone. Be a man for once, admit what you did.

          • Guy Parris says:

            nooooooooooo for fucksake this is the last time I’m replying I’ve showed you proof I don’t know what the hell your talking about my last video was only 720p so I took it down to make it 1080p. hahahaha because you can go anywhere in the game!!!. see you later troll I have better things to do than to prove to some first class dickhead that this isn’t a copy of the game. run along now troll.

          • DABhand says:

            I see on your youtube comments someone else noticed it also. And I am sure we are not the only two.

          • Guy Parris says:

            awrite cool well I’ve put this link in my youtube comments to let everyone else see this. Like I give a fuck I have nothing to hide!

  4. grumpytrooper says:

    Ubi really want to encourage Piracy don’t they, there is no way on this planet I would ever buy this game even though I would imagine that my Titan would run it flawlessly. Ah well I have too many other games to finish anyway.

    • DABhand says:

      Seriously don’t look for excuses to steal a game, you were going to do it anyway. People do this constantly and it is an absolute joke, sooner or later there will be less talented developers making any titles on a PC platform, forcing people to go the console route.

      • Ardechey says:

        DABhand, he’s obviously not ‘looking for an excuse’ and how is piracy going to drive gaming to consoles only? I’ve seen people with pirated games on their consoles. That being said, just to let you know, I don’t agree with piracy of games either. However with this anti-consumer behaviour by consoles manufacturers likely paying off game developers to produce shittier pc ports I can see why people are not paying for games

        • DABhand says:

          The PC Market is the one that is hit hardest in terms of Piracy, use Consoles have their share of modded/jailbreaked consoles. But Developers aren’t in the business, or even their publishers if they have one, of giving their games away so willy nilly to people who don’t pay.

          So they will go where the profits are in abundance and that is consoles, as for the modded/JB’d consoles right now for the Xone and PS4 that is very very very little, so that market right now is lucrative.

          As for shitty ports, people misuse the term port on games that are not ports, and also what do you expect on the PC when a good chunk of potential customers steal your game? They will put their heart and soul into the title? No of course not.

          • Teh BuG says:

            Stop suckling at the teat of the MPAA and RIAA. its been shown conclusively in non-biiased reports that profit losses from piracy are much MUCH lower than advertised by the people profiting to protect copyright.

            if someone likes a game, they’re going to buy it. if the game doesnt provide a reasonable demo, there going to find a way to see if they like it before they buy it.

            Links if you actually want to learn something:



          • DABhand says:

            Oh here we go the DEMO excuse etc. Doesn’t matter if there is demos or not, they did a decade ago… oh and guess what didn’t make a difference.

            Learn something? Oh because you are the expert right? You have experience in the industry to see the damage it does right?

            Oh wait I have worked in the industry back in the early 90s and until recently… maybe that must mean I see the effect it has?

            Developers rely on royalties, if the sales lack then less money comes in, everyone who grabs a warez release is potential money lost from a sale, so yes it does add up.

            Or are you going to come up with the olde excuses from the mid 80s and onwards on why people do it? Yes tell us all about the price, tell us all about you were just trying it out to see if you would buy it (like that would ever happen on a large scale), or tell us about the protection scheme would not agree with your system, and tell us about the lack of demos… oh wait you did that one already.

            The one main constant from warez users, is they are hypocrites. And I am not going to post analogies as there is no point, as per usual warez users try to turn it around. FYI time, some developer studios I know, because of people I have worked with in the past etc, have either stopped or have moved the console platform because that is where there is a somewhat of a good royalty income.

            People have been stealing shit for centuries out of greed, you and millions are no different. Or are you going to be like the guy below who is now backtracking after being caught using the ALI312 release?

          • Teh BuG says:

            >Oh wait I have worked in the industry back in the early 90s and until recently

            Name / Company name or quit being an internet tough guy.


            “Piracy is not theft,” he said. “If you steal a car, the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world. There is no such thing as a ‘lost sale’. Is a bad review a lost sale? What about a missed ship date?”
            -Marcus “Notch” Persson

            Pretty sure Notch, Creator of Minecraft, knows more than some Internet Tough Guy who worked level 1 Tech support for the sales and marketing team in some little F2P company noone’s ever heard of. or, you’re really someone important? Name and Company name please. do what i’ve done, Provide proof.

            did you bother reading the articles i linked from FORBES and INTEL? these aren’t little companies.

          • DABhand says:

            Worked for Team 17 during the 90s, and left for a hiatus and focussed on other careers etc, recently was picked up twice for 2 contractual works with Bioware on C&C Online (which was later canned) and recently on DA:Inquisition.

            As for theft excuse, people have been using that crappy reasoning for many years now, simply put… people haven’t paid for the license that gives them the right to play that said title, ergo they have not paid, ergo they have committed theft.

            It doesn’t have to be a physical object or digital, theft is theft, of course people will continue to use the olde dictionary entry for theft that has not been updated to comply with today’s standards. Also the olde excuse of Intellectual Property etc does not even come close to this scenario, but people continue to think it is… because it gives them a shield for the wrong they do.

            As for the internet tough guy… looked in the mirror much, as for my name… don’t be stupid, even my username is good enough to show you I know my stuff if you knew how to do a simple google search.

            Forbes is a publishing company dealing with media, what they say is not gospel, just like in the article you gave does not mean what the “experts” said was factual law and proof. It was an opinion they shared. Opinions =/= actual fact.

            As for the Intel blog post, again it is an Opinion of what that guy thinks, doesn’t mean he speaks for the law or what is actually going.

            So yeah your links are what warez users do constantly and that is look for anything they can use to validate their theft of software, they have been doing it since the 80s and they continue to do it today.

            Show me the actual law of your country, from the actual source, that shows that warez releases and usage is legal and not theft. Good luck with that.

          • DABhand says:

            Forgot to add, my old stomping studio has a humble bundle up for a week, grab while you can play some of the old titles I actually worked on.


          • Teh BuG says:

            nice old games. still no proof you worked on them.

          • andre silva says:

            i played worms it’s fun, and by the way if he was a Dev he would like to give proof of it

          • DABhand says:

            My name was in the original game’s credits, along with Superfrog, Project-X and Body Blows. People are just getting butt hurt because I won’t reveal my name at their whim. So the continue to cry, in the vain attempt of trying to garner support from others to help bolster their ideals.

            At the end of the day I know what I have done and may well do, do I care if people believe it or not, nope not really – no sleep lost there.

            Although this username here will give you an idea what I have done in the past. And you can find my Assembly tutorials everywhere now, along with other things. But hey ho, enjoy your mediocrity with your dying ideals and continue to ruin development studios on a whole with like minded warez users.

            You are already complaining about what your lack of spending has done, blaming games to be like ports… good job.

          • andre silva says:

            You know if i had already spent money on games?You don’t, i am indeed frustrated because i see developers making stupid decisions and arguments to justify why their games don’t work, instead of fixing it, because you know it is very easy to point the fingers to say this didn’t work because of company a or b products, when you develop a game it is your responsability to know what exists now what will be released and develop for it, this hardware the game is having difficulty with is out since a long time ago, so don’t come and say hey it’s their fault.No it’s yours!When you have a product that isn’t performing as it should you don’t deliver it, you fix what’s wrong until it is on a satisfying state, and only then you deliver…Ubisoft is doing this to itself no one in it’s sane mind will belive their excuses and buy the game after what they have ben doing this year and the last…And by the way it’s more than proved that piracy helps games sales, but it has a problem it doesn’t help the sales of shitty games, that why company’s are so mad at piracy, because piracy is in the way of company’s making money sellinf unfinished or poorly done products, i can say that all the games that are good people end up buying them sooner or later, as for the buggy ones of course i can’t say the same.

          • andre silva says:

            We are in dangerous times where developers think that if their games aren’t selling is because of piracy, instead of listening to public and figure out that their sales aren’t good because their game isn’t good…Devs are getting lazy they only want to get the money with the least of efforts on the premiss of piracy being the cause of unsuccessful games sales…Look at call of Duty for example it has bugs, but nothing game breaking and still it sells like hot dogs, bescause the game is in fact good in it’s own genre, unlike assassins creed that’s a laggy mess even for high-end systems, and even worse it is laggy for consoles a system they known and developed all this long time thinking in it, that for me is a scandal and a total testament of Ubisoft Devs inconpetence

          • Teh BuG says:



          • DABhand says:

            Ahh so you can’t provide it huh. Guess someone was tooting their horn a bit too much there.

          • Teh BuG says:

            well no. it is illegal in canada. HOWEVER, canada actually has one of the most SANE approaches to piracy.

            the law used to be that Downloading was legal, uploading was not.

            then that was changed to both downloading and uploading are illegal, but that the fines that can be sought by big business trying to cash in on normal folk wanting to try out software was capped at a thousand dollars, and was much more likely to be in line with realistic figures.

            so if you steal a movie, its much more likely that you’re going to be fined the cost of the movie and the price to see a movie in theatre than a ten thousand dollars, like is common in the divided states of embarrassment.

            however, people will continue to download software for educational purposes, legal here, IIRC (i could be wrong inb4 you’re wrong) to demo software, and many people think thats completely acceptable. and i agree with them. i’ve bought many games that i downloaded first.

          • andre silva says:

            You worked where doing what??,It’s funny using nicknames on the internet and saying “Hi i worked in that area so i know everything” without giving any proof…For example i can say i’m an astronaut in ESA, and still that doesn’t mean i am…Comments like that make people think you are a 12 year old trying to “Win” an argument…

          • DABhand says:

            Yep people can say what they want, but as said in an earlier reply to you (down below), I don’t care what people believe in the end.

            Again I know what I have done, and what I have contributed. People like “TeH BuG” and grumpytrooper, can carry on with the dead ancient ways of the 90s and early 00s, even keeping leet speak alive, doesn’t make them immune to criticism or to think their way is the correct way when it is not.

            They even do the olde method of using rubbish blogs and posts about opinions thinking that is the law and truth of the matter, it almost makes me chuckle.

            And it is those types that rally against measures to protect property on the net, not because of lack of freedom from it etc, but because they want to protect their sources and ill gotten gains. But yet they are not mature enough to admit what they do is wrong, they have to use some excuse to make it more trivial. Every time.

          • andre silva says:

            Yeah that would be good if 1st. the developer delivered a satisfying product 2nd. if they hadn’t passed all this months saying, hey this game will have this feacture because we like it(not listening to what the people say), or hey we are not limited by resolution, but then resolution is in fact a visible concern on their part and finally 3rd. If they hadn’t tried to pass on the blame for their failure and their failure alone to a hardware company, there’s no excuse for that it is a child move, either thator the excuses they’ve been giving to pc gamers since some earlier game releases , that’s pure disrespect for the client…I’m not saying piracy is ok, but when developers shit on their clients head they sure deserve to loose money for that reason, that is misleading advertising because if someone charges me 50€ for a game i deserve at least not to hear bullshit excuses and to have my money back because i was mislead about whatthat product has to offer….Another thing based on what ubisoft has done earlier this year this game will alllways have fundamental problems, Iam from a time when if you had a game with a problem, the next game you delivered wouldn’t have that problem and ubisoft doesn’t fix their games problems, they just say “i don’t care live with it”.

          • andre silva says:

            Jtag, and CFW, is just what i have to inform you

      • grumpytrooper says:

        I’m sorry I thought I made it quite clear that I will NOT be getting this game, maybe you should re-read my post and then point out the part that said I was going to pirate it.

        • DABhand says:

          BS, you mention Piracy and then you would not buy it. Doesn’t take a genius to see the direction in which you are going.

          • Andres Reyes says:

            Well if you have the money to spend on a mid end or high end PC believe me you buy your games, I do it and I have a Mid End PC, and if this guy have a Titan GPU he has enough money to buy crappy games I used to pirate games but they are way too bugged and now it’s a pain in the ass sometimes you have to download the game and test it like 3 times and honestly downloading a 50GB games 3 times? I just buy it and that’s it.

          • andre silva says:

            Congratulations, you’re basically saying to ubisoft keep on doing shit and expecting people to pay just to test the game and find out it didn’t perform according to the money you spent on it.

          • grumpytrooper says:

            FFS let me spell it out for you..”UBI really want to encourage piracy” – this means that no-one will buy it in it’s current state .

            “there is no way on this planet I would ever buy this game even though I would imagine that my Titan would run it flawlessly” – this is me saying that I won’t be buying it either.

            “Ah well I have too many other games to finish anyway” – this is me saying that I won’t miss it as I have too many other games to finish.

            If I was going to pirate it I would have said “I’m going to pirate it” but I didn’t did I? Please don’t assume things as you are obviously no good at doing so.

  5. andre silva says:

    Whats bothers me more than performance is exclusive graphical options such as tesellation, come on amd cards also do tesellation, ubisoft is making a crappy decison when allowing this to happen.

  6. ET3D says:

    “your budget grade GTX 780 Ti which will set you back a pocket change amount of $570”

    Well, you could instead spend $350 on a GeForce 970 and run everything on ultra high.

  7. Paul Twitchy says:

    wow took 37 minutes to clear dayammmn. But yeah I saw your video when searching on youtube. You going to call me a liar too? No problem I reported the video when I saw it was a warez release, and I also took a screenshot of both the previous video and your current video, and now I know your username, I wonder what Ubisoft will say about that. Should have been honest lad.

    • DABhand says:

      Wow, jesus you are just as bad as him, I just wanted him to come clean… don’t be a douche and report him. Man.

      Some people take it too far.

      • Paul Twitchy says:

        He didn’t buy it dude, he is using an edited old Uplay, you can see it in the picture the recent Uplay has more options on the bars which is missing in his pic. It is all edited.

        Screw him, he deserves it.

        • Guy Parris says:

          edited version lol

        • DABhand says:

          It is bullshit buddy, so he posted a video that used a warez release and you have got a vendetta on him, I mean I just wanted him to come clean instead of lying constantly, but man it is low… you have to take into account he did buy the game. It is obvious if you took a screenshot of the first video you had a plan to do this, that is shady.

          • Guy Parris says:

            lol so it’s went from me having this so called copy to me having a edited uplay account now me having a vendetta on this guy lol so I’m proving you’s wrong and now you are dribbling some other shit. This is my last reply. good riddins troll

        • Guy Parris says:

          awh look yeah it’s totally edited!! do you want to continue dribbling bullshit?

        • Guy Parris says:

          awh will you look at that one of my mates was on “the edited so called uplay” 11 hours ago playing unity!. This account is legit and it’s no edited. Have you’s actually got a job? or do you’s just troll all day like a pair of dick heads?

          • DABhand says:

            Well man I was trying to stick up for you, but I can see maybe he was right if you going with that attitude, if he succeeds guess nothing much is lost, just a few games, not like it is a whole bunch.

            Good Luck.

          • Guy Parris says:

            well if you have 2 guys still pointing the finger after showing them proof then yeah it does piss you off. haha yeah we’ll see.

          • Paul Twitchy says:

            But yet no game play messages in the log from you. Perhaps you did buy it, but only recently. But you still used the ALI213 version in your first video, you could always ask youtube to pull it back up for you so we can see it, and prove once and for all that you are not a warez user?

          • Guy Parris says:

            i’ve done enough mucking around showing photo’s ect and arguing with the pair of you showing proof. you’s can think what you want I don’t give a shit now I’m away to play some unity on a legit uplay account. enjoy your day.

          • Paul Twitchy says:

            So you are not going to return the original video because you are “done enough”, sounds like cowardly bullshit to me *sniff sniff* yep that bullshit.

          • Guy Parris says:

            awh cry me a river!!. you even said you have a screen shot of my previous video and this video so why do you need me to reupload my video if you have proof? hmmmm who’s the bullshitter here? sniff sniff lol

          • Paul Twitchy says:

            Proving a point you are a bullshitter, got email back from Ubisoft with the usual thanks for the report etc. Like that other guy said “good luck”.

          • Guy Parris says:

            hahaha did they now. No come on sniffy where are these screenshots?

          • Guy Parris says:


          • Guy Parris says:

            yeah that’s what i thought no reply says it all. screenshots my ass, trolololololol

    • Guy Parris says:

      do what the fuck you want!!!

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