Consumers Lining up for iPhone 6 – 16 Days Before Release

/ 3 years ago

16 days before iphone 6 camp

Have you ever been a part of a stake out? Some people are large fans of certain bands, brands of shoes or in this case – their shiny new mobile phones. The first Apple fanatics have been spotted camping out 16 days before the expected release date of the iPhone 6 – no other location than outside New York store Fifth Avenue.

What makes this even more interesting? We’re still 6 days away from Apple actually 100% confirming the release date, so we hope these people brought plenty of snacks.

Here you can see another tweeted image thanks to CNBC of the happy campers awaiting their favorite new tech release. Currently they’re all smiles, but they’re not sure what they’re in for, and neither are we!

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iphone waiting cnbc

Apple are set for a conference release event on the 9th of September, with the phone said for release in stores 10 days later. At this time the phone as a whole is unconfirmed and not priced – an Apple store employee shared his thoughts on the happy campers:

“They’re out there and they don’t even know what they’re waiting for yet.  We haven’t announced anything.”

Is this healthy? Possibly not. Is this normal? Quite. If you look into past iPhone releases, you’ll find a trend of people camping out days or weeks beforehand to get their hands on the latest smartphone technology that Apple has to offer.

Cover image courtesy of Dan Benton

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5 Responses to “Consumers Lining up for iPhone 6 – 16 Days Before Release”
  1. Mycelus says:

    Who said the release date is 19th…

  2. This is based off of rumors, which makes the people crazy for wanting to camp out 16 days before it’s supposed release date. I also wonder what they’re bosses are saying about this. xD

  3. Alistair Hardy says:

    I can understand waiting a day or maybe two for a product launch event but over 2 weeks?
    Samsungs advert from a few years back comes to mind….

  4. Wayne says:

    Have you ever questioned the intelligence of iFans? I rest my case.

  5. Mosab Al-Rawi says:

    Didn’t thay have jobes, maybe (Jobs) guyes needn’t jobs to make living. sorry humanity it looks like we are loosing the batlle of sanitty.

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