Cooler Master Masterair G100M UFO RGB CPU Cooler Review

/ 1 month ago

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A Closer Look

Without a doubt, this is one weird looking cooler, but it’s certainly not ugly. The circular design is going to easily blend in with most chassis designs, and only helps mimic the circular design of the fans anyway.

The unit is quite compact, so installing into Mini-ITX systems shouldn’t be an issue. The plastic shroud around the fan looks neat and tidy, and features built-in edge lighting that matches up with the lighting on the fan, giving you more RGB goodness. Of course, the frosted finish of the fan blades means they’ll glow and capture the light better too.

This is a compact cooler, so it’s unlikely to meet high overclocking demands, but it was never designed to. For those running lower TDP processors or stock frequencies, that’s hardly an issue anyway. However, despite the small size, it’s got a decent surface area and a thick copper core to help distribute heat throughout the fins.

The copper plate is huge and should provide a good coverage for any compatible CPU. Of course, we hope that translates to good thermal performance too.

The cables are neat and tidy, with sleek black braiding to keep your system looking tidy. There’s a 4-pin PWM header for the fan, and a standard 4 pin RGBW cable to connect to your motherboard or the included RGB controller button.

Once installed, the fans lighting looks simply amazing, with some reach rich colours and effects that are sure to keep you entertained. While you can set effects that give you transitions and strobing effects, you can also leave it fixed to a single colour, or turn them off if you so desire.

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One Response to “Cooler Master Masterair G100M UFO RGB CPU Cooler Review”
  1. Angelo says:

    horrible design. they could have had pipes in the middle of the core and made a better copper base that was flushed.

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