Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Micro-ATX Chassis Review

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Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Cooler Master are back on eTeknix once again with their increasingly popular and impressive MasterCase series. Today we kick things off with the MasterCase Pro 3, the little brother to the ATX capable MasterCase Pro 5. The new chassis keeps many of the traits we already know and love about the 5, but just squeezes them down a tiny bit, possibly making the new model a little bit friendlier for the travelling LAN gamers out there.

“This new compact addition to the MasterCase line is built with the same FreeForm™ Modular System that defines the series. Customize and adjust your case via swappable aesthetics, adjustable layouts and intuitive thermal performance. Improved layout flexibility handles larger components and cooling systems within a discreet form factor.” said Cooler Master “A case meant for a smaller build that still packs a punch. Build the high performance PC you want in a tighter frame. Its streamlined design with steel and mesh makes this product incomparably stylish. It supports up to five fans, eight HDDs and two graphics cards.” they added.

We’ve already taken a very good look at the latest cases from the redesigned Cooler Master range, such as the MasterBox 5 Ultra White, Maker 5 and the MasterCase Pro 5, so while we’re fairly certainly what we can expect from the new model, we’re still eager to see how it holds up compared to its bigger brothers.

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As you can see, it’s not a very tall chassis, but it is quite long and wide, meaning you won’t be compromising too much on hardware, especially GPU size, as the Pro 3 can handle up to 370mm cards. There’s extensive cooling support for both air and water, with mounts in the top, front, and rear of the chassis, as well as room for large CPU air coolers, an ATX PSU and Micro-ATX motherboard.


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One Response to “Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Micro-ATX Chassis Review”
  1. Lelisevis says:

    Not quite a perfect score, that looks suspiciously similar to my phanteks enthoo evolv in that you can’t Crossfire anything larger than a dual slot GPU as it hits the PSU floor divider, that rules out the sapphire Tri-X you are using and anything similarly sized. I ended up with a BeQuiet 900

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